AUTOMATIC and Remote-Control Window Blinds and Shades, Meridian, ID

Motorized residential window treatments are becoming quite popular. Not only do they provide a way to control window coverings in hard to reach places, but they offer one more option to those who want to create a smart home to make things smarter, easier, and more convenient. 

As implied by the name, motorized systems raise and lower blinds and shades via a motor. The motor can be controlled by a motorized wand or remote instead of having to deal with lift cords, chains, or even cordless systems. Removing cords and chains also increases safety as there is no longer a strangulation risk for children and pets.

Not all custom window treatments can be motorized, but some can.
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We provide motorized systems for the following:

While the installation of motorized systems is an investment, they offer money saving opportunities.  A few of our motorized options can be controlled with an app.  Because you can control them from an app, you can lift or lower them even when you aren’t home. You can also create a schedule for automatic blind and shade control to maximize insulation and protect from excessive heat or cold depending on the time of day and how many people are in the home. Whatever the reason, the conveniences of a customized electric window treatment system can be a great benefit for your home!

Alta Honeycomb Shades with Simplicity Motorization for Top Down Bottom Up

Alta Honeycomb Shades with Simplicity Motorization for Top Down Bottom Up Such a fan favorite with our clients. This shade is quiet, sleek and certified best for children. With the options to select sheer, semi-sheer, semi-opaque and blackout your sure to find something you will love from Boise Designer Blinds.

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From electric woven blinds to roman blinds, we have a wide variety of motorized window shades for your home. If you would like to add this to your list of smart home devices, call us at 208-398-3017 or Contact Us to set up a design consultation.
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